Archery Accessories

24 Loop Rope
The professional's choice. Stiff braided polyester with a good consistent burn. Available in most solid colors, and some two-color combinations: Fluorescent Yellow/black, Fluorescent Green/black, Fluorescent Orange/black, Gunmetal/black, Red/black, Silver/black, Tan/black, and White/black.

Approximate diameter: 2.0 mm (.079")
Spool size: 39" package, 50 ft., 100 ft. & 500 ft. spools

D Braid (20 Loop rope)
A smaller D loop material; grips well. Available in most solid colors.

Approximate diameter: 1.6 mm (.062")
Spool size: 39" package, 50 ft. & 100 ft. spools

23 Loop Rope
Firm braided. Spectra cover, highly durable. Available in white, black, fluorescent green, fluorescent orange, red, and pink.

Approximate diameter: 1.6 mm (.062")
Spool size: 39" package, 50 ft., 100 ft., & 500 ft. spools

Nock Spools
Nock Point and Peep Tying Thread
100% high tenacity nylon, bonded to improve abrasion resistance. Will not fray when cut. High strength, weather resistant. Available in red or black.

Diameter: .020"
Approximate feet per pound: 5,000
Spool sizes: 75 yard jig, or 1 pound (5500 feet)

BCY Bow Fishing Line

Bow Fishing Line
Braided Spectra / Dyneema for smallest diameter and highest strength. Available in most standard colors.

90 lb. test: 200 ft. spool
200 lb. test: 100 ft. spool
400 lb. test: 100 ft. spool
Also available on bulk spools up to 1,000 ft.

1200X Serving Material

1200X Serving Material
A very small thin strand of flat Spectra. A solution for buss cable serving separation problems. Also used on center serving to reduce wear from release. Served on its own or on top of existing serving. Available in black or white.

Spool Size: 120 yard jig spool

Bowstring Serving Clarifier

Bowstring Serving Clarifier
BCY, Inc. has developed a clear liquid which increases the clarity of small white serving thread.

Simply wipe it onto the bowstring / serving thread, during or after serving.

Packaged in 2 oz. plastic containers.

Bowstring CD

Bowstring and Cable making DVD
Full instructions on how to make endless loop bowstrings and servings.

How to Build a Great Bowstring

Building Flemish Strings DVD
Detailed step by step instructions

Archery Backstop Netting
For use with junior bows and arrows. White polyester material, flame retardant, with ultraviolet resistance. Height is 10 ft. Standard lengths are 30ft., 20ft., 10ft., and 50ft. Other lengths can be made to order. Comes with hanging assembly, cable, clips and tote bag for storage. We also offer the net in green - recommended for outdoor use.

WARNING: This netting must be hung loose and free - not tight; order a net length 20% longer than area to be covered. Always check behind the netting before shooting. Do not use with high powered bows or small diameter carbon arrows. It should never be used to protect people or property. Misuse of this product may result in damage, injury or death.

Bear Paw Server

Bearpaw Serving Tool
Sturdy, rugged construction with smooth stainless steel guide rollers. Adjustable tension control, easy payout and string entry. Engineered in Europe.

Model 26 Server

Model 26 Serving Tool
Adjustable tension control, easy string up, brass eyelets reduce abrasion, large exit hole.

Cavalier Serving Tool

Cavalier Serving Tool
Sturdy metal construction, easy to string up, adjustable tension control.


Bowstring X-Wax
with Weatherlock Technology

Formulated with wax and silicone to protect all types of bowstrings. Scent free, water repellant and abrasion resistant. Excellent string penetration and protection. Capped twist dispenser. Available in individual units or bulk pack with 30 tubes in clear tub.

ML6 Wax

Bowstring ML6 Wax
The original BCY silicone-based wax; scent free.

BearPaw Wax

Bearpaw Beeswax
100% natural beeswax, suitable for all types of bowstring, primarily used with traditional "Dacron" type strings.

Manufactured in the USA

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